Welcome to my website, this is the online journal of my life on the water. Currently based in Christchurch, New Zealand, I have been keeping a record of my various kayaking adventures for over 15 years now. Hopefully you’ll find something useful or interesting here, whether you are a local kayaker or a visitor from overseas, new to the sport or an old hand.

Running the main drop on the Ashley River.

If you are expecting extreme adventures in exotic locations, sorry, better try Ben Browns’ or Graham Charles’ websites, my adventures are a little more low key. Adventures are an important part of life, so remember to pursue your own and live life to the fullest.

News and Upcoming Highlights

The temperature has dropped and the days are getting shorter so not too many paddling days until winter rolls in. Hopefully I can give the Salto a few more outings before then and maybe I’ll get to work on my roll.

Paddling through the new “rural” landscape of the Avon River as it winds it’s way through the heart of the city.

Things are slowly moving on with the Christchurch Residential Red Zone, and we are all waiting to see what will spring up there in the future. I would certainly like the Avon River to retain some of its’ current “rural” feel and it would be great if there was more native bush areas like the one near our home. More kayak launching points would be appreciated too, especially one on our side of the river near Evelyn Cousins Ave. Here is a shortlist of potential land uses for the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Regeneration Area and you can also check the Red Zone Futures online exhibition.

One interesting proposal for development in it, is a combined Aqua Sports Park (Wai Huka o Waitaha). This idea seems to be gaining a lot of interest and more details can be found here. This would be a great asset for Christchurch for both residents and tourists alike.

The Penrith Olympic White Water Course. Would you like to see something like this in Christchurch?

New Zealand’s Rivers

Looking for an interesting read? Check out New Zealand’s Rivers: An Environmental History by Catherine Knight. The book is an easily read and well illustrated text that explores the relationship between New Zealanders and our rivers, explaining how we have arrived at a crisis point, where fresh water has become our most contested resource and many rivers are too polluted to swim in. New Zealand’s Rivers is a must-read for all New Zealanders interested in the future of our environment and economy. Definitely worth buying a copy, you can order one by clicking on the photo.

A new full length feature film by Bill Parks.

A new full length feature film by Bill Parks.

Bill Park’s film “Rivering” has been released for free streaming on VIMEO and YouTube. “Rivering” is an Ode to Whitewater: a feature-length film with a different take on the sport, highlighting a diverse group of paddlers with the amazing New Zealand wilderness as a backdrop. Instead of showcasing the skills of a few elite paddlers on extreme white water runs, the film reveals the wide range of people you might meet on the river, with amazing scenery, kayaking and plenty of humour. It explores their motivations, taking you on a journey with them, sharing their adventures and their paddling highs and lows. There is plenty of great paddling footage, incredible locations, interviews and even some historic footage of the early days of white water paddling in New Zealand. You can view a trailer for the film here.

Paddle safe and we’ll see you on the river.

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