29th September 2017: Avon River

Date:    29/09/17
Avon River, Christchurch, NZ
River Conditions:  
2.99 cumecs at Gloucester Street bridge. Water mostly clear. Grade 1.
Weather Conditions:  
Sunny and warm, light nor-westerly wind.
Number on Trip:   
2 people.
Time on River:  
1.5 hours.
Comments:  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and Lauri suggested it would be a nice day to go for a paddle on the Avon. She also suggested it would be a great day to stop off at Pomeroy’s for a glass of beer and some pork crackling, something that usually gets thought of as we are on the river with no money or means to secure our kayaks.

We got dress in our paddling gear and dragged the kayaks down to the river. Lauri had checked out a nice launching spot, complete with steps cut into the back and a nice flat platform to launch from. I helped Lauri into her boat and then while she paddled off up the river, I tried to climb into mine from the bank. It was all getting a bit wobbly and I was looking at possibly ending up in the river if I continued down that path. In a switch of tactics, I seal launched off the steep bank, the nose of my kayak diving deeply in to the water, which swirled around my spray skirt.

I sped after Lauri and we were soon paddling in tandem up the river. The water was clear and it was lovely to be on the river with Lauri. Spring was bring the trees back to life and everything was green and bright in the sunshine. We were soon at the quake damaged wharf above the Fitzgerald Avenue bridge. We clambered out and padlocked the kayaks to a park bench and then wandered across the road in our paddling gear with our paddles.

Beer & pork scratchings at Pomeroy’s.

We found seats in the outdoor area and stored the paddles under the bench. I went in and order two dark beers and some pork crackling, and we were soon enjoying a tasty repast on a sunny afternoon. After we had finished, we strolled down to our kayaks and got back on the river for a relaxing paddle / float down the river towards home.

A leisurely trip home.