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11th June 2017: Avon River

Date:    11/06/17
Avon River, Christchurch, NZ
River Conditions:  
1.72 cumecs at Gloucester Street bridge. Water mostly clear. Grade 1.
Weather Conditions:  
Sunny but cool, nor-easterly wind.
Number on Trip:   
2 people.
Time on River:  
1.5 hours.
Comments:  Winter is now on us so we really appreciate any weekend where the sun shines and we don’t need to spend the whole time inside, watching the rain beat against the windows. Lauri’s new kayak trolley makes it easy to get her kayak down to the river, whilst I use the traditional shoulder carry method. There are some river bank works that we launch from on our side of the river, near where a local community group plan to hire out kayaks. Not sure if their plans include a proper boat ramp similar to the one on the opposite bank, but it would be great if they did. I usually just  seal launch in from the bank as this reduces my chance of slipping whilst getting into my kayak and ended up in the river, covered in mud.

Navigating the “slalom” course below the Fitzgerald Street bridge.

We paddled upstream again, but this time we evaded the debris traps (pictured above), picking up a couple of footballs and carried on around the Avon Loop section.

Passing one of of our favourite houses on the banks of the Avon.

The Avon Loop was a favourite area of ours when we lived on Peterborough Street. We would often go for walks along the river bank, admire the stylish old houses and wish we could afford to buy one of them. Unfortunately after the earthquakes, the area enclosed by the Avon Loop was Red Zoned and the land was cleared, all the old houses we loved were demolished (the one pictured above is on the opposite side of the river) and only the trees now remain. Where lateral spreading had caused the banks to slump, narrowing the river, the current is relatively swift. No so much fun on the way up but definitely appreciated on the way down. We got as far as Te Wai Pure o Tautahi (St. Mary’s Stream) by the Barbadoes Street cemetery (only a short walk from our old home) be fore turning and heading for home, the current hastening our journey down stream.

The old, earthquake damaged wharf near Pomeroy’s Bar.

The old jetty near Pomeroy’s has seen better days but will hopefully be repaired in the not too distant future. We also regretted the lack of foresight which once again saw us by Pomeroy’s with no money to buy beer & pork crackling to aid our journey and no means to secure our kayaks & gear if we did. So once again, the opportunity was wasted.


There is quite a variety of birds that call the Avon home and it is always nice the see them on the water as you glide by in your kayak. The ones pictured above seemed to be in some kind of feeding frenzy, apparently they hadn’t been told that bread isn’t good for them. Eventually we got back to where we started, having spent a somewhat longer time than intended on the river. We got out via the new boat ramp as it is easier than trying to scramble up the bank, whilst trying not to fall in the river. This extends the walk slightly but isn’t really much of a hassle, still we were glad to get home for a shower and a late lunch.