30th April 2007 to 4th May 2007

Hilo is the capital of the Island of Hawaii and is less tourist centred than the other side of the island. It also tends to rain more, hence the water falls (the others side has no rivers). We stayed 4 nights at the Castle Hilo Hawaiian Hotel but liked Hilo so much we returned for several day visits.

20070430R Hawaii 13
The Japanese styled Liliuokalani Gardens
across the road from our Hotel.

20070430L Hawaii 31
Richard cools his feet in the Wailuku River just above the Rainbow falls (if only he had his kayak). Photo by Lauri.

20070430L Hawaii 27
The Rainbow Falls on the Wailuku River, one of the reasons kayaking isn’t such a good idea. Below the falls is a large lava tube.

20070430L Hawaii 18
A racing waka ana comes ashore in Hilo Bay.

20070501L Hawaii 02 20070501L Hawaii 08We went for a couple of outrigger rides on Hilo Bay with Glenn Okuma which we both really enjoyed. It was great to sail (or paddle when necessary) and listen to Glenn recounting Hawaiian history.

The Helicopter ride with Tropical Helicopters was amazing as it gave us our first view of the volcano and its molten lava. We opted for the “Feel the Heat and waterfalls” flight, which meant there were no doors on the helicopter. Unfortunately Lauri ended up crammed between the pilot and me, meaning she missed out on the feeling that you could fall out of the helicopter at any time.

20070501R Hawaii 46
Us with the helicopter and pilot.

20070501R Hawaii 35
Pu’u O’o Crater from the air.

20070501R Hawaii 40
Various volcanic vents near Pu’u O’o.

20070501R Hawaii 06
Lava flows into the sea, forming a bench and a black sand beach. A couple of weeks later, we were standing on this beach watching the lava flow into the sea from about 15 metres away.

We took an Arnott’s Lodge trip up to the top of Mauna Kea (4205 metres), the highest point on Hawaii.

20070502R Hawaii 34Lauri on top of the World.

20070502R Hawaii 01 20070502L Hawaii 11Lauri (on the left) by a heiau (shrine or sacred place) and Richard (on the right) at the highest point of Hawaii, it may be Hawaii but we certainly needed our hats, jackets and gloves (we are probably part of small group of people that take their long johns to tropical islands).

20070502R Hawaii 14 20070502R Hawaii 18The high altitude and clear air means that Mauna Kea is home to a large number of astronomical observatories,
these were just a few of them.

20070502R Hawaii 26
Numerous scoria cones are also scattered around
the summit of Mauna Kea.

20070503R Hawaii 04 20070503R Hawaii 02 Lauri admires the Akaka Falls north of Hilo.

20070512L Hawaii 02
Richard at the Botanical Gardens, north of Hilo. Photo by Lauri.

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